8/11/17 An Apology

I sincerely apologize - maybe...

The ride out of Salt Lake City treated us to a spectacular view. The sun shot lake surrounded by carved mountains, gave reason to the early Mormon's settling in the desert. Easing through the morning rush, we headed toward the famed ski resort,  Park City. Scored by dozens of ski runs, the slopes surrounded a litter of mansions and condominiums.

Escaping Route 80, we turned onto 40. Roadwork slowed us a bit, but presented the chance to appreciate the scenery. A much less hectic ride, we relaxed into the climbs over mountains and the seemingly endless one point perspective through the Uinta Basin. I felt that if I squinted my eyes, I could see Elmer and maybe even Atlantic City on this major transcontinental highway.

At our first picnic of the day, we sat atop a hill, affording  a view that stretched for miles. Distant mountains folded into the haze as the valley splayed out beneath us. Back on the highway, I was encouraged by the miles being sucked into the vortex of the rear view mirror. We were making progress east. A ride through Vernal, a town known for its paleontological discoveries, entertained us with friendly dinosaurs along the road. One was even pink! Colorado arrived with little fanfare and a town named Dinosaur also claimed some prehistoric bones.

Our second picnic stop proved that Jules is a genius at locating the table. He spots them on mountains, by lakes and today, one camouflaged in the high grass. We lingered in sun-still isolation, gearing up for the last hour of our ride. 

As we packed up to leave, a wind picked up. Thinking nothing of it, we headed into 60 miles of open basin and a wind storm. A cross wind that felt like it was gusting to 70 mph blasted us with sand and dirt. The horizon clouded with dust and the only relief came when the highway made a brief cut through small hills. I licked my lips and crunched on the grit. Feeling like I would pull a Dorothy and fly away, I clung to Jules with all my strength.

Blown into Craig, we anchored for the night at a heady 6,000 feet.

It seems like I have been doing nothing but bitching about the weather for the past two weeks. Heat, wind and fire have been constant themes. You may ask "If it's so awful, why does she do it?"  I might say that I am sorry that I have dwelled on the negative, but I don't think I can. All I have done is relate the experience. Even though it may seem unpleasant to some, here is the upside. For every mile we ride, I have a 180 degree view, a virtual IMAX, complete with music. I smell every nuance of our surroundings, some vile, some heavenly, but all memorable. The heat, the wind, the rain is inconvenient, but enlivening, giving us a huge dose of reality. And every obstacle we meet is faced together, back to belly, holding on to all that life throws at us as long as we can. I refuse to apologize.

This morning's view

The Great Salt Lake

Riding out of the City

Only in Utah

There are other lakes in Utah!

Lunch with a view

More desert scape

Dinosaur Land : Vernal, UT


Jules is going back to the '70s 

Every mile in the rear view says we're closer to home

But there's miles in front of us 

Late picnic spot


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